IB Unit: Bigger Picture - Stretching and Shrinking

Our first Wiki: Creating a Mural!

Making a Mural
Similarity/Dilation Project

Mural artists use similarity to help them create their larger artwork. Muralists begin creating a mural by drawing a small picture with a grid of squares drawn over it. They then divide the surface on which the mural will be painted into a similar but larger grid of squares. Proceeding square by square, they draw the lines and shapes of the original drawing into the corresponding positions of the mural surface’s larger squares. Finally, they paint in the regions to complete the mural.

The design in the small grid of squares below left is similar to the design in the large grid of squares below right. The enlargement was made by matching points in the original drawing to the corresponding points in the larger grid.
You can actually see the original cartoon on the top left corner.
You can actually see the grid over the drawing.


  • Materials:
    • A cartoon, photograph, or small drawing to enlarge
    • A poster board
    • Drawing tools such as a ruler, meter stick, markers, and colored pencils
  • Begin by selecting a cartoon or drawing. Watch the following video for instruction on how to print your cartoon or drawing.
  • Using a pencil, divide the poster into an appropriate scale for your cartoon. You must use as much poster area as possible.
  • To create your mural, carefully label numbers and letters on the x-axis and y-axis of the cartoon and on the poster.
  • Draw lines and curves of the drawing in the small squares (cartoon) into their corresponding larger squares of your poster.
  • Color the appropriate regions to match the original cartoon.
  • Upload a picture of your project below and include your name in the caption. (watch the following video for instructions)
  • Project is due December 2, 2011.
IB Unit: Bigger Picture-Stretching and Shrinking (rubric and instructions)

2011 Stretching and Shrinking Projects